Gill Summers

Gill Summers is one of my pen-names. My work here is mainly in the form of short erotic fiction set wherever my dirty mind takes me. For example, in The Countess's Weakness I delve into the world of the Victorian science of phrenology and mesmerism. These stories are for adults over the age of 18 years, who are interested in erotica. If that does not apply to you, then please, read no more. 


Gill Summers

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The year is 1887 and the Earl of Leicester is concerned about his wife, Julia the Countess of Leicester's weakness - for gambling. He is advised to attend a public lecture by Professor Arthur Nelson on the science of phrenology. He learns that an individual's character, their strengths and weaknesses can be delineated by the skilled hands of a phrenologist, by reading the bumps and contours of their head. Further, any deficiencies or weakness of character can be treated by specialized massage.

Julia is actually highly sexed, but had sublimated her drive into gambling, since the earl is more interested in hunting and shooting than in women. He is, however, under pressure to produce an heir. She is immediately attracted to the handsome phrenologist and willingly agrees to undergo phreno-massage to cure her weakness. Ably assisted by the beautiful and passionate Madeline Scales, Arthur cures the Countess by unleashing talents and burning desires she had no idea that she possessed. Yet is a dangerous path to take, for the Earl has an itchy trigger finger.

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