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  1. The lovely Robert Baker aka the Romance Bloke has penned an article on his site with a list of his top 10 erotica titles for this year. I am delighted that he liked Conjuration, the second book in the Pentacle series to put it in at number 6. Rather than me telling you about it, why not pop over to his site and rea the article and see the list with the other super titles on it. 

    You can find him on:


  2. IT WAS ROMANCE FIRST. I caught the romance bug as a teenager,  but then my hormones must have kicked in.

    I don't know about other authors of romantic fiction for adults, erotica or, as I prefer to think of it  - Romantica, but it just crept up on me. From being a romance reader, I crossed that invisible line and sought heat in my fiction. When I became a writer I just couldn't keep the heat out.

    The lovely Robert Baker, who runs The Romance Bloke site asked me to write an article about how I see my work. If you have a mind to, please pop over and have a look at the article. The trip is worth it to dscover a whole wealth of articles, reviews and expert opinions on his great site.